We improve the state of fresh waters and take care of the biodiversity, cultural heritage and sustainable use of water environments in Finland



About us

Finnish Freshwater Foundation is a non profit organisation, working to improve the state of fresh waters -  lakes, rivers and small waters - in Finland and to safeguard the cultural heritage of those waters. We operate closely with the environmental administration, NGO’s, private bodies and the public to share knowledge and best practices about water ecosystems and their management. We actively take part in international co-​operation with major participants in our field. An important part of our mission is to inform media and decision makers about the importance of waters and their conservation. Our work is based on project funding and private donations.



Ambassadors of healthy waters

Our team has a long experience in watercourse restoration in the Finnish environmental administration.  We also have a strong background in environmental research, stakeholder participation, communication, event management and international environmental co-operation.

Liisa Hämäläinen
Managing Director, MSc.

Tomi Räsänen
Co-​ordinator, Communication and Voluntary Work, MSc.

Auri Sarvilinna
Founder and Chairman, PhD